Milan Art Institute Apprenticeship Program & Highlights

Milan Art Institute Apprenticeship Program & Highlights

From collaboratively painting a mural to creating around 300 paintings collectively, and everything in between, I am going to share with you an Inside Look of my highlights from my 2 month experience of being an apprentice at Milan Art Institute.

Elli Milan, Dimitra Milan, Briana Fitzpatrick, @dimitramilam @ellimilan @bri_fitzpatrick

Let me begin by sharing that I was ecstatic when I found out that the Milan’s were going to be doing an apprenticeship program.  As a current student of their Mastery Program and having taken their in person Spiritual & Art workshop, I really enjoy learning from them as much as I can.  They are all truly remarkable people and their future vision and goals (for artists worldwide and for the next generation of artists) are beautiful and definitely something I want to be a part of.

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I applied as soon as they opened their applications for the apprenticeship.  Within a week I heard back that I have been accepted and my excitement became even more excited 😆 I then packed my bags to move from New York to Georgia for the 2 month journey.

Now let me share with you some of the highlights…

The first project all of us apprentices did along with Elli Milan and Dimitra Milan Dunn (the co-owners of MAI) is we painted this beautiful mural on the outside wall of the Milan’s new Art Store & Gallery located in Athens, Georgia.  This is the first mural I have painted/ collaboratively done.  It was so cool to see how quickly it came together with everyone working on it and adding their unique brushstrokes and marks.

Mural painting, galaxy painting, beautiful mural, Milan art institute store, art gallery, Athens Georgia, wolf mural, woman portrait painting

I also really enjoyed interacting with the local community of people who would walk by or honk at us while they drove by.  Oh, and I especially remember two young boys coming up close to look at it with their grandparents as we were painting, and I invited the boys over to put some paint on the wall too.  I put some red paint on my finger and made a finger print on the wall, then I put more paint on my finger and extended my hand out for the boys to put the paint on their fingers. One of them shyly came over and took the paint off of my finger and placed his fingerprints on the wall.  His face lit up with a smile when he saw he left his mark. The other boy was too shy and decided to watch his brother instead ☺️

Mural painting, amazing mural, beautiful mural, Athens Georgia, Milan art store, art gallery, wolf painting, woman painting, galaxy mural

After completing the mural, we then began our adventures in the art studio, creating and making around 300 paintings within 2 months.  I learned multiple new techniques/ styles from Elli, Dimitra, DJ FreezyJ (another co-owner of MIA), and Asia DeVore (who is a Mastery Program coach/ mentor & was a contestant on Season 2 of The Outstanding Artist Show).

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We had a grand opening party for the Milan Art Store & Gallery.  Many people came to see and buy the art we collaborated on.  I did some live painting and dancing outside on the sidewalk, while a few other artists were doing live demonstrations in the store during the party.

Live painting, live dance, street performing, street painting, Milan art gallery, multidisciplinary artist

(This is the live painting I did)

Another highlight of this journey, was having the opportunity to help create an exclusive video for Art Club’s contest of the month “Embrace Your Weirdness.” I painted this octopus “Overseer” below ⬇️ 

Octopus painting, octopus art, galaxy painting, luminescence, glowing sea life, original painting, Milan art club, art contest

You may be wondering what I did when I wasn’t working on the collaborative paintings. Well I did a variety of things, but what I focused most of my “off” time on, was creating a new collection of paintings for my portfolio in the Mastery Program (as it is my goal to graduate from the program by the end of June, then attend their in person graduation in August.)  

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Luminescence, glowing art, cheetah painting, original painting, Briana Fitzpatrick, @bri_fitzpatrick

During my creation time, I had so much fun experimenting more with my archery painting technique and playing with knew athletic ways to apply the paint.  I had this one moment…well actually two..where I was outside filling up balloons with paint to shoot them with my bow & arrows, and well it was hot outside so the balloons became more delicate, and as I was filling them, 2 of the balloons ended up erupting in my face 🤣

I looked like I was in a blueberry pie speed eating contest 🫐  😂. And no! The paint did not taste good 😜

Archery, painting, Briana Fitzpatrick, multidisciplinary artist, paint splatter, water balloon

While I was here, I got to practice achieving a new goal of mine that I set to conquer this year.  And that goal was to shoot archery with my feet and hit the target. 

Contortion archery, shooting bow and arrow with feet from a headstand, Briana Fitzpatrick, @bri_fitzpatrick

 I achieved it and have hit the target twice!  Now I’m resetting my goal higher to hit the bullseye while shooting with my feet 😉 

When I wasn’t painting, dancing, and flipping around with paint, I was enjoying spending time with the Milan’s and apprentices. We cooked and shared delicious meals, we played a variety of games such as Catan, Spoons, Dutch Blitz, Point Salad, Pictionary, Mafia, Kemps, Heads Up, Pool, Ping-Pong, and Tennis. 

(Can you spot me photo bombing 😂)

And we even went to the salon and got pedicures on Asia’s birthday (which by the way was my first time ever getting a pedicure, and when the lady doing mine saw all of the paint on my feet, she asked what is this 😄 I simply chuckled and just said it was paint.  After getting the pedicure, my feet felt so naked 😄 I don’t think I have ever seen them that clean! 

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Jake Dunn, @ohthatsjake , Sophia Hull, Sabine Rouge, Briana Fitzpatrick, Milan Art Institute, Mastery Program, best online art school, art apprenticeship

Anyways, all of the time I spent with everyone was very meaningful and fun.  They are truly beautiful, kind, and inspiring people. They even surprised me on my birthday with a yummy cream tart, a bunch of fruit, Honey Mama’s Chocolate (my favorite 😋) a lovely card, and gorgeous flowers 💐🥰.  

Surprise birthday celebration, 21st birthday, Milan Art Institute, Briana Fitzpatrick, Multidisciplinary Artist

Fruit tart pie, chocolate fruit platter, 21st birthday cake, birthday celebration


As a birthday present to myself, I commissioned Dino (Constantino Milan) to make me a 14kt gold ring with an emerald, and it turned out soooo pretty 🤩. If you are looking for ornate, elegant, and custom jewelry, I highly recommend checking out his website and supporting him as he has a dream to pursue his passions in jewelry making/ design by going to Europe next year to study at one of the top jewelry schools.

14kt gold emerald ring, handmade ring, handmade jewelry, Constantino Milan, Briana Fitzpatrick

Another one of my highlights was I got to meet my mentor of the Mastery Program, Dalia Milan Gedz.

Dalia Milan Gedz, Briana Bitzpatrick, @bri_fitzpatrick , @daliamilan , Milan Art Institute, Art Apprenticeship Program, Artists

If you would like to connect with and support the lovely apprentices and artists that I have mentioned in this blog, then I have provided links to their social media pages below for you…

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Sophia Hull

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I would like to finish this blog with a special shout out thank you to my family for all of their support and love as I continue pursuing my big ambitions and continue to grow myself not only as a multidisciplinary artist but as a person as well.  I love you all very much ❤️

Thank you for reading my blog.  I appreciate you 🤗. Keep on shining your beautiful inner light 💫