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  • The entirety of this is just too cute. Thank you for everything

  • We all love it so much!

  • The painting got here safely.  It’s more than I dreamed of.  I absolutely loved it.  So did my son.  It is gorgeous. Thank you so much.   

  • Hey Bri! My package came 3 days early today and I'm so happy with it! I attached a photo of it. Btw the bright turquoise envelope + hot pink wrapper and your sweet note made my day! I love hot pink and bright colors HAHA 🥰 Looking forward to seeing more pieces from you!

  • The package arrived today 🥰

    The stickers just about made me cry!!! Love them both

  • The painting is awesome!

  • It took a full thirty minutes to open, as I was trying to meticulously cut the tape on the bubble wrap to keep as much of it intact as possible….then, lo and behold, a beautifully wrapped package with a ribbon AND, inside that, yet another wrap ….I almost felt like I was unveiling Russian nesting dolls.   Briana, I think you might have spent more on the careful wrapping and shipping than I paid for the piece !  The time alone wrapping it so carefully is much appreciated  (as well as your note). We have never bought a painting before without seeing it in person.  Having attended some art auctions, we have learned from experience that some artwork can look great in a photo, but not so great in person  (and vice versa).   So we were delighted to find that your piece met and exceeded our expectations.   We LOVE it and, of course, will think of you each time we look at it. 

  • Thank you so much for the stickers! They made it to Hawai’i and I just got them in the mail today. They are so beautiful and creative. I love the colors in everything. Very amusing to the eye. 🤍🤍

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