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Briana Fitzpatrick


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“You dance with exuberance as your eyes are fixed on the beauty of the One above. You radiate joy as your heart beats to the rhythm that sparks your soul. Oh how you smile for the glorious future to come.”

Having trained in dance for over 15yrs and danced professionally, the inspiration for this piece sparked when I remembered that I once performed the La Esmeralda ballet variation.  This ballet variation is traditionally performed by a female soloist en pointe 🩰 and uses a tambourine as a prop in the ballet’s story.  However I decided to slightly tweak the variation by switching out the tambourine with a canvas and added paint to my feet as I performed the beginning of this variation for you and finished this piece by painting an exuberant, elegant dancer. You can watch here how I used this dance to paint this piece!

Details: 5inches x 7inches mixed media, gold leaf, & oil original painting on premium gallery wrapped canvas. 

This painting delivers directly to your door thoroughly packaged with love and care! Comes with a certificate of authenticity too!