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Briana Fitzpatrick

Soul’s Erruption

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“Her soul’s whisper sparks her passion. It ignites the light from within her to erupt through with a fiery love that beams on her heart’s burning desire.”

During the creation of this piece, when I was filling one of the balloons to shoot with my bow and arrow, it ended up popping and splattering the dark blue paint all over my face…haha…it looked like I was at a blueberry pie eating contest 😂.  

Want to watch how I incorporated archery and contortion into creating this piece? Watch here

Details: 36” x 48” original acrylic, gold leaf, and oil painting on canvas stretched on 1-3/8” kiln dried stretcher bars.

This painting delivers directly to your door thoroughly packaged with love and care! Comes with a certificate of authenticity too!