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Briana Fitzpatrick


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Here is a little story I wrote about this painting, however this art is open to your own interpretation and I’d love to hear it🥰


“Once hidden, tangled in the crevices of her brokenness…. fears built up like rocks blocking her into a cave. She wondered how she ended up here? She knew in her heart this was not her fate. The light was still shining through the cracks, but it wasn’t just shining, it was flickering and beaming with intensity. She was drawn to it. She had to break free and step wholeheartedly into her destiny.

There she was, a tender soul reborn with her hope restored. Her light is now magnified in many colors. Those around her flutter to her with awe as they are drawn to the light that radiates from her. She knows her purpose now. It’s to share the story of love with those she encounters on her journey, how it has saved her and many before her. She commits to living the rest of her life surrounded by this love. No darkness will ever overtake her again. This is a new beginning.”

▪️Title: Zera

▪️Size: 20 inches x 20 inches on premium gallery wrapped stretched canvas
▪️ Medium: Acrylic, Oil pastels, Oil Paints

Quick Fun Fact: the name Zera is a Hebrew name meaning “new beginning”

🏹🎈🎨Another fun fact: I started this piece by filling a balloon with paint and shooting it with my bow and arrow from about 60ft away. The balloon popped splattering the paint all over the canvas which captured the fun energy and created cool background textures. I also collaged pieces of the balloon I shot into this painting

🔹 Comes with a wire on the back so it is ready for you to hang right away

📸 Note, colors of artwork may vary slightly due to monitor. I do my best to make sure I photograph the artwork to capture it’s colors as you’ll see in person.

✉️ Please feel free to message me via my contact form anytime with any questions you may have about this original artwork or any of my other artworks.

🏷If the artwork is out of your price range, ask about a payment plan

🖋 Artwork is signed and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity

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🇺🇸 Created in the USA