Message from Bri

I am clearing out my studios! I have over 200 artworks available ranging from original paintings, sketches, study pieces, and speed paintings. I am accepting best offers on all of them!!! Feel free to send me a message on Instagram @bri_fitzpatrick or email me via my contact form with what artwork(s) you are interested in and your best offer! I want all of these beauties to go to forever homes rather than collect dust and sit around in my studios. Feel free to shop ahead for birthdays or holiday gifts 😉

Have fun collecting!!!

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Message from Bri

I am on a journey to create hundreds of individual portrait speed sketches of my Insider Members and followers on Instagram to create one BIG artwork! It’s going to take me a LOT of time to complete this, (the rest of 2024) but I believe the message and the final big piece will be worth it.

For anyone who wants to get involved in this project, feel free to send me a portrait picture of you or a loved one you’d like to have included in the BIG reveal near the end of 2024. You can email me or send me a DM on Instagram. Please include your favorite Bible verse to be incorporated into your speed sketch. If you don’t want a verse, that’s fine too.

For anyone that wants to purchase their original speed sketch, you can do so after I complete it. All I ask is for $10 USD to cover for shipping and materials if you are located in the USA. For international the shipping is estimated around $25-$35. If you wanna add a tip to buy me lunch, more sketching supplies, or a biscuit for my dog, that is greatly appreciated but never expected from you 🤗

With this project and with my art I am trying to break away from the “creation” to the “selling.” It’s common amongst artists to create to try to sell, sell, sell, to make ends meet and pay the bills (I get it, I’ve done that) but there is so much more to art than money. God has blessed me and I want to use the gift in art He has given to spread more love and light 💫


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29 Minute Speed Painting “Liborio”
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  • Waterproof Vinyl

    All stickers are sealed with a waterproof vinyl, giving them longer lasting durability and protection! Dishwasher safe!

  • Handmade

    Each sticker is printed and cut in the studio, ensuring each one is inspected by me before delivering to you!

  • Artistic Design

    All stickers are artistically designed and made from either my original artworks or digital sticker designs.

“Whatever ignites your soul, whatever sparks your passion, allow it to shine extravagantly with joy and love.” -Briana Fitzpatrick

Short film “Etch”