Art Retreat FAQs & Policies

 Payment Terms & Conditions

How do I make payments? On you can choose to pay full upfront or make 3 payment plans. Make sure to leave a good email and phone number at the checkout page so I can contact you as we approach the date of the retreat. If you choose to not pay in full upfront, you have the option to make 3 payments of $800 or 4 payments of $650. Complete your first payment through the website. Then I will send you the remaining payments every 4 weeks after the date of each completed payment via PayPal invoice.

If you have not completed your payment or contacted me with a legitimate reason for payment tardiness within 5 days of an invoice being sent, your spot could be taken by someone else on the waiting list. Final payments for the trip must be completed by April 3rd.

Is airfare included? No, you will need to purchase your own plane ticket that arrives and departs within the reasonable check-in and check-out times of your retreat. You will be responsible for all your transportation, including to and from airports. I highly recommend you fly into the Page Airport in Arizona. Please arrive at the camp resort by 4:00pm Utah Time MDT so you can have time to unpack, get comfortable and rest as needed. Then we will all enjoy a nice dinner together (around 7pm) at the camp.

Location of the Retreat: 

Under Canvas Lake Powell – Grand Staircase

555 South Jacob Tank Road

Big Water, UT 84741

When booking your flight times to go home please keep in mind checkout is at 11am Friday June 7th at the resort.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you book your flights accordingly. If you know someone coming on the trip, I recommend that you arrange to travel together. We will have a group chat available for you to get in touch with the other attendees before the retreat.

What do I do if I unexpectedly have to cancel the trip? Can I get a refund? I treat each case fairly, please send me an email explaining your situation. It can be transferable towards another trip in the future or another person that either you know or someone that is on our waiting list can go to your place. I do not do refunds if you simply change your mind.

You cannot receive a refund one and a half month’s prior to your trip, this is because most of the expenses are paid upfront.

**If you can’t travel due to Covid related restrictions or I have to cancel trip, I will refund all money minus 6%.


Retreat Policies

Be Considerate.  While on a retreat with Briana Fitzpatrick, you will be working with others as a team. Please always be considerate of how your actions or contribution affects your team.

Be Respectful.  Treat all individuals with a sense of dignity, respect, and worth.  Make a personal commitment to be non-judgmental about cultural differences, living conditions and the lifestyle of each person you encounter.  Avoid profane and abusive language and disruptive behavior that is dangerous to yourself and others. Always have proper identification on you. All items of clothing must be suitable for the environment and should not contain offensive or objectionable material. If you use tobacco, please be respectful of those around you and smoking on the camp will NOT be tolerated.

Be Collaborative.  When you are unsure, ask for help. Nobody knows everything and nobody is expected to be perfect. Asking questions avoids many problems down the road, so questions are encouraged. Try to be helpful so that everyone is on the same page.

Be Available. I have been carefully planning this retreat out in accordance with the activities for the day and the number of people on the trip; therefore, it is important for the entire team that you are on time and available for team activities. You always have the option to stay back or venture out on your own, but in this case, you will be solely responsible for your own food and travel provisions. I will not reimburse you for any activities or meals missed.

Be Safe.  We are traveling and hiking and it is imperative that you always pay attention to the instructions of the team leaders. While unsafe conditions are not anticipated, be sure to always be aware of your surroundings and take precautions to safeguard your personal items. Do not go off on your own. It is important that I always know where each participant is at. There will be plenty of time for relaxing and enjoying the southwest country views. Finally, do not use, possess, or be under the influence of illegal drugs at any time during the trip. Use of alcohol is not prohibited, but do not be under the influence of alcohol during the trip (no drunkenness).

Be Positive. This is the trip of a lifetime! But inevitably there will be moments in which you might feel uncomfortable due to the exploration of the land and possible weather temperatures. I ask that you be conscious of your attitude because it will affect the others on the trip. It's essential to communicate your discomforts directly to a me rather than a fellow travel so that I can help you and try to mitigate your frustrations. My goal is to help you have the best experience possible and communication is essential.


What You Should Bring

What should I bring? Whatever you need that can be packed in a medium sized suitcase with wheels is my recommendation. Include clothing, personal items, prescriptions, small purse/ bag inside a larger purse/ bag or backpack, credit/ debit card, some cash, camera and drivers license.  Pack LIGHT!

What should I wear?  Casual resort type clothing. Pack accordingly to the weather which is usually around 80-95 degrees Fahrenheit by day and 50-65 degrees Fahrenheit by night. Summer weather by day and fall weather by night.

What clothing should I pack?  capris, shorts, swimwear, sleepwear, sandals, a dress or skirt, pants, t-shirts, comfortable walking shoes, hiking shoes, a light sweater, sweatshirt, or jacket. Layer clothing. A hat is very useful to shade your face from the sun. Leave expensive jewelry at home.

What else should I pack?  Pack your own preferred toiletries (keep in mind you will have complimentary organic bath products in your private bathroom).  Remember your sunglasses and/or sunscreen if you use them, lip balm, medications and vitamins, and pain reliever. Also, hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes are useful.


How much money should I take?  Whatever you will need for snacks, drinks, and souvenirs and any art you may collect from other artists on the retreat.

Will I be able to buy snacks, water, etc.?  Yes, the resort has items available for purchase.


Other Questions

What if I want a beer or a glass of wine? That is acceptable. Drinking is usually contained to one or two glasses and only with a meal. This tour is NOT a “party” tour and we will not have excessive drinking and drunkenness, for liability reasons and for the consideration and enjoyment of other travelers.

Will there be free time? Yes, there will be free time every day, where you can go out on your own, or stay back and relax.

Can I bring someone with me who isn't an artist? What if I'm not an artist but I want to go a retreat with you? Of course! Anyone from anywhere is able to join us. Whether you're a beginner, hobby artist, or experienced all of our art lessons will be beneficial and inspiring. If you or your spouse/friend isn't an artist, thats ok too! You can skip any of the art classes (although I encourage you to have fun and be a part of them anyways!)

What will the art workshops be like on this trip? Art will be integrated into all aspects of the trip. You will create many pieces of artwork throughout this wonderful experience. Everyone will get to experience painting with acrylics, sketching with graphite/ charcoal, marker/ pen ink, and more. I will teach mixed media techniques, drawing, and photography. There will be many chances for sharing artwork and constructive critiques. The art journaling that you do on this trip will be contribute to your future masterpieces!

 Do I have to bring my own supplies? You absolutely can, however I will provide you with an art travel kit; but a favorite set of pens, brushes or pencils is encouraged. You can bring anything else you want! This is YOUR trip.