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Briana Fitzpatrick

Love’s Unraveling

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“Fold or unfold? What should you keep to yourself? What should you reveal? There are so many layers and chapters in your life that you wonder who would even want to read them? Why let them get close to you? But hold on sweet child, unblur your worldly lense…. your heart is the most beautiful thing about you. It holds all of your desires, dreams, aspirations and light. Everything you do flows from it. Those who get to witness your gifts from a distance will catch a spark of your light, while those you chose to get close to you will be in complete awe by all of your dynamic energy and the vivid colors of your heart. Their lives brighten with you apart of them. You are a valued treasure filled with wonder. Your passion, your joy, and your love is unlike any other. Let your love shine vibrantly. Allow it to spread its wings and be the guarder of your heart. Savor its sweetness as it rests on your lips with every word you speak. Watch it dance among your eyes and touch the lives of many. And most of all, keep holding onto it, because the GREATEST LOVE of all will never fail and it will never leave you.”

Want to see how I used archery 🏹 to create this painting? Click here to watch creation.

Details: 24inches x 24inches original mixed media & oil painting on premium gallery wrapped canvas. 

This painting delivers directly to your door thoroughly packaged with love and care! Comes with a certificate of authenticity too!