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Briana Fitzpatrick

Sweet Dreams

"My darling, you are dear to me. I hold you close to my heart and wish you sweet dreams to little one, I love you."

This piece is near and dear to me. 

To me it resembles the bonded love between mother and daughter along with the godmother/ the other inspiring woman role model in the daughter's life (the butterfly) And the paw prints to resemble the imprinted marks of love we leave on each others hearts and lives.

I love how this piece can be interpreted in multiple ways!  That's the beauty of abstract language.  For example another collector told me that to her this piece resembles a stronger connection and bond between mother and daughter with a shadow of the father in it and he comes back as a butterfly to watch over them.

To see the behind scenes of me (along with the help of my kitty:) creating this dream piece for you!  Watch now

Details: 18inch x 24inch original acrylic painting on stretched canvas.